Being Manic

I often speak of being depressed or manic on my blogs and Facebook. I do a lot of jokes about it, as that is one of my coping methods of dealing with it. It is an issue I have dealt with most of my life. Being manic often at first seems to be a wonderful thing, as my attitude, is better I have the energy to accomplish things and have new streams of creativity, sadly my manic stage also increases my lack of focus, and lack of drive to finish any given project. getting started is easy, think of an idea and start doing it,but half way through a new idea will pop in my heads and off I go starting something new, so that by the time th last vestiges of energy and drive are leaving to be replaced with the dark shackles of depression I have half a dozen projects start but none of them finished.  Each time it comes I promise I will do better and some times I do maintain more focus than others, For the last few years I have been feeling more and more out of focus, and it has started to effect my quality of life. I had started seeing a therapist last fall and that has helped a lot, I have also been seeing my Doctor and have my blood sugar more under control, and between the therapy and improved health both seem to be helping. It has been a while since I have felt like I have some control and able to maintain focus.

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