Check your calendar

Well, I have been having more energy each day during the weekend. and I have even more today. I was assuming it was coming from me getting used to the meds, for cancer, but then I checked my journal and found the answer. I am headed back into my manic state. It will be kind of nice to have some energy to get things done for the next week to 10 days. The real trick will be to make sure I manage to finish a project and not start 10 or 15 before I start to swing back to the dark halls of depression. As G. I. Joe says” knowing is half the battle”, As I have learned more and more about myself and my mental state and what drives me, as I learn to be me, it has given me a bit more focus. Being aware of the issues allows me to make mindful choices and not give into my monkey mind. That is the real joy I have found in these last 9 years or so on my spiritual path. I am learning who I am and to make decisions consciously and not allow the auto pilot of scripts written long ago dictate my responses. To be me and Live in the Now that brings me joy.


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