getting things done.

I know it is a bit crazy some of the stuff I share, as it is what people do in their life, but in my case with my various dysfunctions, the closer I get to just being normal I consider a victory. Going to check to make sure my gamer/ game design blog is still working, after I managed to get it to work last night, then will start transferring things from my brain and notepad onto the web and also to my players. Put up my daughter LInda’s domain for sale, as she doesn’t use it, and also She has matured beyond kittylinda šŸ™‚ Now to get my external hard drive from storage and see if my master plan for playing the video game with the girls will pay off. slow but sure I am coming back into what would be a normal life, after being homeless for the last 18 months. with the normalcy hopefully will also come more stable mental health and I can keep growing and building.

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