More or less tolerant

Saw an interesting reaction yesterday on Facebook. I am friends with a young lady who side job falls into a rather niche market of modeling.She had made a post about someone asking her to do another type of niche modeling, and she stated how she did not participate in that, but was more than happy to direct the client to some one she knew who could meet his needs. This is all very good and professional. The interesting part was the responses from many of her followers. They reacted, with judgement  about they type of niche the client was interested, never mind they fact that many in the “normal” world are just as quick to judge them, for their interest I the young ladies niche modeling. You would think that those who has experienced prejudice and ridicule being interested in something not in the mainstream they would have more tolerance for others, but apparently not. It almost seemed as if they relished the chance to ridicule some one else. Humanity is very interesting some times with how  and when empathy and sympathy will express it’s self.

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