Now is the time.

I’ve seen a fair amount of complaining about the current President and congress. I’ve  seen a lot of posts,  memes, etc on Facebook, but if people want change then they need to act now. Midterm elections are in less than 2 years, and while there is the issue of gerrymandering, if you don’t act, other than to post to social media, nothing will change. If you want to change things then every election matters, local, state, and federal. If you don’t vote in the local elections, how are you supposed to find and train leaders that will then move to the state and national level? Even if your candidate loses, you have to get out and vote. The bigger the roar the more likely your representative is to notice you. This has to be a day in and day out commitment. You check and post to Facebook, Pinterest, snap chat every day, so to do you need to be aware of what is going on in your government;  local, state, and federal.  Get up, get out and get active.

This applies to both sides, if you want change then you have to get out and make it happen and for those of you who don’t want change then you need to make sure you get out and make that happen too. Our political system is in trouble because of lack of participation. Get out, get involved, and speak up. Be the citizen we all need to be

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