Putin of my dreams

So I had the weirdest dream the other night. I had dreamed I was playing a board game with a group of people and one of the players was Vladimir Putin, yes that Vladimir Putin. I don’t remember what game but was a Military simulation, that allowed multiple players so probably Third Reich by Avalon Hill, and one of my favourite boardgames. During the course of the game we all took a small break, and so I followed Putin into the kitchen and as we were getting snacks, I tried to have some small talk with him. I have no idea how old Putin is in real life,  I assume he is older than me but in my dream, when I was talking to him and he found out how old I was he ridiculed me for not being more of a success at this point in my life and he said he was sure when he got to my age he would be very successful.  I remember in the dream feeling  Putin didn’t like me, and in the dream, I felt bad that Putin didn’t like me. It is at this point the dream becomes fuzzy and then I woke up to my alarm going off. A very strange dream. Still trying to figure out why I was worried that I am a disappointment to Vladimir Putin.

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