Set back but not stopping.

On my wonderful weight loss journey, I have encountered a small set back, and have gained 5 pounds. Since I have lost close to a hundred, I view this as a small setback, but it isn’t going to stop me from losing the next 4 pounds I want to lose. I haven’t so much been actively dieting, as just changing what I buy and cook and have been getting plenty of exercise, with my job. I have felt, lately, that the nature of my outlook has been shifting I still am dealing with the lack of focus, but I think a bit more depression is coming on. That I am able to recognize it is half the battle as G I Joe would say, and then I can take the steps I need to make sure I don’t allow my deepening depression to cause me to eat more and more empty calories. I am not happy with the weight gain, but I will take it off and then some. I feel comfortable and confident, that I will get down to my weight loss goals. I am losing weight for all the right reasons, for myself and to improve my health, so I can be an active part of my girls lives, and be with my loved one for a long long long time.

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