Well the Universe has my attention

Yes, the universe has my full attention. This morning on my route, I got a flat tire, and then in the process of checking it before starting to replace it, my phone fell out of my pocket, and boom one shattered screen. While I am not exactly happy with this course of events, I am very happy with the changes I have made in my life that I was able to calmly deal with the issues, and not give in to angry and shout or take it personally. My Ex and Candra can bear witness, that the old me had a huge reservoir of anger to draw upon to respond very vocally and very emotionally. I was able to effect the repair on the van and finish my route on time and proceed with my day. I have enquired about the phone screen getting repaired and have found a local person who can do the repair work for less the what my insurance on the phone charges as a deductible and will be getting a replacement tire tomorrow when the tire shops open up. I have decided to start a gofund me campaign as between car taxes and a few other expenses this is not the best time for these added expenses. If not patience and time are on my side and things will more forward. My joy in life has been greatly expanded since I have learned to look on the positive side and not be waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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