What does it matter?

So earlier today, I felt that someone was upset with me, or I was stressing them out, then later on in the day I thought that same person might be making a plan to exclude me and or talking behind my back. It was at that moment I had the realization “what does it matter?”. If the person was upset with me until they choose to speak to me, there was nothing I could do, and there is no point in being afraid of an event not know to be true. If the person was making a plan or taking against me, what would worrying do? I will survive and move forward with my life, and once again without any facts to prove it, I would just be worried about something that may not even be real. Who knows perhaps this is a sign I may be beating anxiety, but it was a feeling of relief, when my mind said, what is to be gained by worrying when there is no evidence of anything that needs to be worried about. Too often with my depression and anxiety, it seems I would worry, and create stories of facts that didn’t even exist. I would imagine plot and things people thought about me with any basis in reality, other than my insane fear and self-loathing.

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  • I see this was like a year ago, but so glad to see you’re overcoming. My mind works the same way, and it’s very difficult for me not to worry or fret and think of every possible scenario and choose the worst one. I can only get through it by the grace of God.

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