Why not?

I was thinking today on my drive to work, why don’t we design a new flag and also a new national anthum. We villify the stars and bars of dixie fame,but slavery lasted a lot longer under the old glory. We speak of songs from a time frame that shouldn’t be sung,but under the star spangle banner slavery and many other autrocities where commited. We are taring down the statues errected to those who fought on the wrong side of the civil war, and remove their names from school, but why do we still have statues to Washington and Jefferson, who were slave owners to the end. We tear down statues devoted to Columbus, and want to remove Columbus day, but what of any and all the leaders of the united states who participated, in the destruction of native Americans, and allowed slavery to continue? Is it time for us to examine who we were and who we want to be? How far do we need to go, to clear the slate and how much farther do we need to go?

It is at times like this I do appreciate by lack of readers, so I can put my thoughts down but know no one else hears them

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