A part of the job

One of the things I enjoy about my job is working with different people and helping them grow and develop into the best person they fit for the job. I wish well for all my employees whether their success lies with where we’re working or if they’re success lies somewhere else.

Unfortunately in addition to hiring and developing staff a part of my job is letting staff go. It is all part of the things that you have to do as a manager. We have to let staff go for various reasons from serious and fractions to minor infractions to just not clicking with the job. It is letting them go when they don’t mesh or click with the job that I’ve sometimes feel is the hardest. But not every person is suitable for every job and sometimes this is not the place for them Doo gro a man that arises we have to let them go so they can find what’s best for them and we can find the best employees that we need.

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