A thought

Just a thought perhaps a question to inspire the mind.
If God brought together the great men who created this nation and wrote the declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Can we not have faith that God will continue to inspire people and will not allow the light of liberty to be extinguished?
If we have faith that God is guiding r destiny can we not have faith that for good or ill the leaders that we have are the ones that will bring the pass what God desires.
If God’s Grand design cannot be disrupted by man and God can work with a broken vessel can we not have faith that even in the darkest moment we know the hand of God is still steering the ship.
I guess what I wonder is do we truly live our faith and all aspects of life or do we only live our faith when things are going the way we think they should.
I have no fear, there are no accidents, and while I may choose what to do with my life I know that in the end all that is destined to happen will come to pass

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  • Maybe there is a fear that God will turn His back to us because of the wickedness going on in this country, the thought that we only prosper if we keep His commandments. I, however, feel that God will continue to spare this country for the sake of the righteous and those that are choosing to follow him.

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