Dark day in my mind

another free thought post so danger coherency insanity may be at risk.

I’m tired I’m depressed today is a dark thought day. I’m trying to get up the strength leave the truck and make a trip to the store my plans where do they have been put on hold fortunately I’m able to use any excuse that I don’t have access to all the money that I think I’ll need on my trip to buy the battery. so this gives me an excuse to put off till tomorrow my other day off what I need to do today. I really need that my laptop plugged in my anxiety stops me from talking to my ex about it. Hopefully later on today me and the girls will go and do lunch like we do on Sundays and when I do that I can get the laptop plugged in so haven’t released a little bit today.

so I left anxiety and depression stop me from doing anything functional I’ve been surfing the web as a distraction I got good news about my job and will on some level it makes me very happy did the filter of depression anxiety there’s an ambivalence that I feel.

today is a dark. Day but I will get through this I Will survive.

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