I am afraid

I am afraid there’s something not right with me. I’m afraid my mental health is not where it should be. They say that knowing you have a problem is half the battle, that I think they’re wrong. I still bang my head against the wall of reality I know something is not right but my anxiety and depression leave me powerless to change. There’s a part of me that looks in the mirror and can’t imagine this is who I have become, and there’s another part of me that thinks it took this long for the true me to be revealed. Well I do not fear that my mental state has turned me self-destructive overtly on the subliminal though being homeless in a truck for 7 months has to say something about my mental state. It is another midnight at the well of souls for me, even though it is not midnight, but my conscience lays heavy upon me and I Hope by expressing this perhaps the demons will lose some power over my soul and my mental state will head towards normality

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