I realize

I didn’t realize the consequences for my actions. I do understand that is my procrastination that causes a lot of my problems. unfortunately being aware of the problem doesn’t necessarily provide us with a solution.

well just suck it up may work for some people. Just get over it and do it works for some people. I feel trap sometimes.

this is not a pity me post. This is not an asking for understanding post. This is just me expressing my thoughts. when my blood sugar reaches a certain level I would like to think that I’m intuitive and deep. The reality is I do have a certain level of self-reflection because I don’t have the English chatter in my brain.

I shall try each day to do better. I will try not to beat myself up when I don’t. I will move forward each day. I will try to be grateful for the good friends and good things that happened in my life each day.

for me that is the curse of my mind I know I have good things happening I know that in the scheme of things in the scale of things my life is actually pretty good but my mind traps me and all I see is the darkness in the mirror some days.

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