Judge not….

in the Bible the passage goes judge not lest ye be judged the prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints updated it to with the same judgment that you judge so shall you be judged or use righteous judgment when judging.

for me I have learned I don’t know everything. Too often the reason we execute poor judgment is because we lack all the details of the situation before we make our decision. This has been really brought home for me the last 6 months. Listening to people at work and other people in general discussing issues like homelessness or people who use snap etc not realizing that they’re talking to a homeless person who receives snap and is on Medicaid. Because I don’t fit their stereotype they can’t imagine me being the one of them so they’re perfectly happy to talk to me about one of them. Well I think it is important that we do make choices and decisions in this life when you’re making choices or decisions about people or situations it’s important to gather all the facts and ask questions before you make assumptions based on a stereotype.

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