Lawyers in love

some days the darkness is deep and it easy to get lost in the spare

some days it is just a constant feeling of dread and a weight that sits on your mind

I’d like to think I hide it, but I am sure I don’t, and my friends can tell when I’m in a dark mood.

sometimes it feels like I wrestle with the dark everyday just to try to be me for a moment.

I know there are good days, but when you are held beneath the murky depths of the water of despair the sun can seem more like a fantasy than A memory

I sink so deep sometimes that I can’t seem to control myself and I spew forth the dark screed that fills my mind and soul

for those times I apologize. The loss of control and giving in to despair is made more horrible, by letting the darkness out for others to see.

sometimes it has to be let out. like bailing a boat or a sump the darkness gets too great and so it must be put out and looked at and then it can be released

sometimes it just overflows my mental Downs. The emotions overwhelm my levies and gush forth upon the world.

I am sorry for my weakness. I apologize for sharing my darkness. I can’t be the person I need to be , it seems.

the struggle to hide how you really feel, because no one wants to hear that s*** not even you and the need to release the pressure to have a moment’s respite from the darkness

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