Mandatory I don’t know?

you’ll have to excuse this this is a free verse blog just doing a stream of consciousness

I was waiting on the bus which is early today I had the thought everybody talks about mandatory military service or mandatory volunteering should everybody have to mandatorily be homeless?

I bring this up only because it has been shown that people tend to understand or have compassion for things they have experience it’s easier if you haven’t faced hardship in your life to take a holier-than-thou attitude and just tell people to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. The reality though is sometimes you don’t have any boot straps little own boots I don’t think my parents ever imagined the life that I have been living but I have lived it and it is brought me both anger and compassion.there are lots of blogs and lots of posts talking about the struggle of being poor. The reality is it’s true. I don’t know how to correct the problem I don’t claim to have the answers. I just know that their issues and problems and things that you don’t necessarily think about until they happened to you. Good morning commute when you have access to a vehicle is a big pain in the butt but when you add to that having to take the bus and the extra last time because the bus could be early the bus could be late so you have to factor all that in to your transportation needs. when you have to take your groceries home on the bus you’re limited to how much you can buy in a shopping trip. When you’re on a limited budget you can’t always take advantage of the buy in bulk and save so you lose money by buying the smaller portion but buying what you can afford. There are things you can do and steps you can take to make things better fortunately I’ve been taught to be frugal I know it’s hard to believe those who know me but I do know how to save money and use coupons buy in bulk buy on sale and I use those to my advantage. I’ve tried to bring these things to my daughter’s whenever I go shopping with them I explain to them how to look at the cost per ounce or pound and in buying things and how to look and see whether something is a bargain or not when I go to the grocery store not counting coupons I always save anywhere between 15 to 30% because I buy things that are on special and on sale. But even knowing these tricks it’s still in certain aspects of your life becomes a struggle when you don’t have access to everything. I know I’m not making any sense but I mean like if you’re living in your pickup you don’t have access to refrigerator so you or freezer so you can’t buy anything like that you don’t have access to the ability to cook things so these all limit and control what you can and can I buy what bargains you can and cannot participate in. Like I said this is nothing new or earth-shattering it is the reality of being poor or being homeless that you have these struggles. And I don’t know the solution. I have some ideas and I’ve seen what other countries do and I see what we do in this country and there are some things we could do better or change.

I’m not sure where I was planning on going with this other than just ranting about the fact that how much time you lose if you use public transportation because in addition to all the other things like traffic and stuff that ordinary people deal with you also have the vagaries of when your public transportation is going to show up so you lose extra time by having to get there early to make sure you don’t miss it and if it’s running late you lose time and you lose time at trancers it just becomes a time thing but it becomes a necessary tool.

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