Mental illness part x

so once again the cab of the truck is cleaned out. I’ve reorganize things yet again and even though I have more groceries in the toolbox I actually have room for more stuff in the toolbox. I’m organizing my truck. This shows my mental state it also shows the problem with my mental state. There’s a part of me that says I need to be planning and organizing and moving forward. There’s a part of me that is trying to organize and grasp on a little bit of sanity given my current situation. Sorry just a thought that occurred to me the craziness I’m cleaning and organizing my truck shows at least one level of mental state while I’m homeless.

the funny thing is all part of the lessons I need to learn it’s a shame that I waited so to speak to be back in the corner to learn them but on the other hand I’m actually learning them, applying and growing there has been a lot of opportunity and growth

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