My journal

once again copied from my journal to my blog

well if the first section is for my musings and thoughts and the third section is for my attempt at journaling I guess it’s the second section of this book will be for RPGs. though I wonder if some of my characters using still qualify as mental musings. well I hope future me has fell on memories of reading the stuff from the past and I hope anyone else is reading this will enjoy and understand me a bit better.

not to be timid that is a lesson I need to learn. One of the skills I learned as a child was tamping down emotions. to avoid conflict I would easily lie to myself and others better to avoid a conflict then Express what I thought of what was really going on. fear held me prisoner. If I did choose to express or share my thoughts I tended to choose a bombastic style. If loud and over-the-top left likely to be challenged. I was an introvert who acted like an extrovert for a defense mechanism. Sadly being aware of the problem was not enough to cause me to change myself.

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