Recognition vs. Actions

once you recognize an issue you want or need to change what do you do? Recognizing or diagnosing the problem is it important step it is what you do next that is important too. You have to act or treat the problem. Knowing you have an issue can give you a label but the next step is to change the behavior. Making plans it’s a good start, but you have to then act. action is where change takes place action is where we heal.

we talk of learning about others if I watching their actions and not their words. If that works for others, let’s apply that to our own life. Does our own action mattress thoughts? Do we walk the walk? If you’re not happy with where you are today, then work on changing it. While dramatic, massive shifts are great, one thing at a time works too.

it sounds easy, and for some it is, but make a change and improve your life. Start with one. Set your intention each morning to make the change. As you act upon it, it will change. Once you’ve made the change pick the next change you want to meet and repeat the process. as your life is changing and growing, take stock of where you are and where you want to be and see what new changes you want to make.

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