The answers I find for others often apply to my life

we are all human, and while we as individuals have our own unique spark that is us, we also share this planet and The human condition. Wally chapas has our own path and lessons to learn we also all share common ground as well. This is why we can learn from others. Well our paths are our own they often are parallel and mixed with paths of others so the lessons they’ve learned and the tools debuts can help us move forward as well.

each of us is on our own path so not everything that works for someone else will work for us but some parts can and will. it is important to find the parts that resonate and use them, and recognized the parts that don’t and not to try to force them to fit.

life can seem like a tailor shop all this possible to find a suit off the rack that will fit having the suit tailored to you specifically will give you a better fit and function.

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