The madness or the amazing insulation value of a $2.50 throw

The madness. The fact that I can do and think of clever things to function while homeless, except for not being homeless. Tonight I take a $2.50 throw that I bought from the evil empire and cut it in half and one of the haves I cut into halves and so now the rear window and the two side windows of my truck have them hanging there for sleep. They provide me with a bit of privacy and also it’s an amazing amount of insulation they provide keeping the interior of the cab even warmer. If only I could be this creative in other aspects of my life.

I used to joke about some people I knew who would go to incredible links and amazing things to support their illegal drug habit short of getting a real job and controlling their addiction. Now I am that person the things that I go through and the links that I do to maintain functionality while keeping my job and living in my truck. But I don’t have a place of my own.

there are still some lessons I need to learn and I pray that I may be open to receiving the knowledge these lessons will provide that I can move forward and put this Odyssey behind me.

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