Voices in my head

I just got finished making a post on Facebook about the one of the voices in my I realize there was a real fear attached to talking about that because I don’t know how other people’s heads work but I’d have conversations with myself and for the other people and stuff in my head you know going to have a debate so have the entire debate in my head head of time but is that normal does that make me crazy is sharing this and then finding out that nobody else thinks this way.

in the end I persevered and made the post in addition to trying not 2 live in fear and just be me I also did it because I thought I was a cute post about the fact that my Jiminy Cricket voice in my head the one that often causes me to pause and rethink before I do or say something stupid has evolved into one of my friends voices and I will hear him say for Fuck sake and that will cause me to pause and rethink what I’m going to post or do

but that got me to thinking about the fact that we really don’t have any experience with what’s going on in other people’s heads except for what they tell us or explain to us but even then the language Gap in communication and understanding and visualization make each of our landscapes unique but on the other hand we assume that other people mentally function just like we did in an interesting dichotomy between not understanding and assuming we know how everything works

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