What is wrong with me

what is wrong with me. It has been two months now and I haven’t changed my situation. What is my situation you ask I’m homeless sleeping in a truck that I was given from my boss at my last job a couple of years ago that needs major repairs. Now I have a job I received for paycheck 8 weeks of work getting ready to finish up 10 weeks of work. I make enough money the pay my child support and this visit with my girls every Sunday. What is wrong with me why am I not training every inch every muscle to change my situation. I would like to say is depression anxiety my borderline personality disorder. I would like to say that I’m not thinking clearly because my blood sugar is screwed up because of my diabetes. But the reality is I think just plays the fundamental flaw. I want to know what’s wrong with me so maybe I can at least figure out how to deal with me.

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